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Iqbal’s Poetry on Activism

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افسوس! صد افسوس! کہ شاہیں نہ بنا تو
دیکھے نہ تری آنکھ نے فطرت کے اِشارات

تقدیر کے قاضی کا یہ فتویٰ ہے ازل سے
ہے جرمِ ضعیفی کی سزا مرگِ مفاجات

English translation of the this Urdu/Hindi poetry is:

Pity! that you could not be like Eagle

Your eyes could not see the signs of nature

This is the decision of the judge of destiny from eternity

The sentence for the crime of Weakness is Death

Alama Muhammad Iqbal

Iqbal used the Eagle as inspiration in his poetry to symbolize the unique characteristics of eagles. It flies high but keeps a keen eye on ground. It doesn’t make nest for living rather homes the dangerous rocks; and the way it preys.

Iqbal is named the Poet of the Nation, because his poetry focuses on national issues of the time, like quest for freedom, getting rid of slavery mindset, spread the true preaching of religion etc.