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Creative Club Logo

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The brand logo of the Creative Club (CC) is being shared to enlighten the designers with ideas for creating similar logo.

About the Creative Club

The human #artists are at the verge of extinction due to the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed creatives. The Creative Club platform gives opportunity to artists to showcase their creativity.

Significance of the Logo

The logo is designed using the FS Lola font which is a best stylish font for the starting a logo design. This font is neither sans nor sans-serif but each of its glyph is beautifully designed to give a unique look.

The shapes of the logo characters are customized further. Like ‘e’ and ‘b’ are trimmed to open the areas that were closed inside the shapes.

Pink color represents female whereas Blue represents male gender. In the logo, the purple color is used which deviates to both of the genders. The platform is also for both the genders having interest in the creativity.

Although the purple color is an attractive color but God knows why this color ignored for branding. This color is equally appealing on both the dark and the light background.

Downloading Logo

The logo is posted in following bitmap and vector formats:

JPG / JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group): Most popular bitmap format

PNG (Portable Network Graphic): The most popular format with alpha and transparency

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic): Top and most compressed vector format for web images and animations

PSD (Photoshop Document): Format of Photoshop graphic

WMF (Windows Meta File): Vector format compatible with Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. Unlike SVG, when PDF is created from these apps, the graphic is rendered as vector.

PDF (Portable Document Format): The logo in the PDF is in vector format, which can be imported easily in any software as vector.

CDR (Corel Draw): Corel Draw vector format