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Bilingual Logo of Maeda (مائدہ) Project

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Maeda (مائدہ) means food-served sheet or table in Arabic. The logo is brilliantly designed and characters are merged in a way to make the word Maeda readable in both English and Arabic or its related languages like Urdu and Persian.

The bilingual marvel is designed for the Maeda project. The aim of the project is to distribute readymade food among the underprivileged, needy, and poor people at subsidized rates, in the lower and middle-class livings or areas of higher commuters in Federal Capital.

The project’s beneficiaries are laborers, maids, passengers/commuters, bikers, and those who can’t spend much on meals.

The food is provided at nominal charges:

  1. To honor the self-esteem of deserving people who don’t want to be in lines for free-meals.
  2. To inculcate a sense of earning and spending.
  3. To add the value of food for the buyers to discourage wastage.
  4. To enable the underprivileged to save hard-earn money for their families behind.
  5. To discourage beggary.

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