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3D Model of PSX Logo

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This stunning PSX logo is rendered using the 3D Studio Max.

The logo was initially created in vector format using the Corel Draw. Form the Corel Draw the file exported as DWG format, which is imported in Studio Max for further processing.

In the Studio Max, 2D vector is extruded into 3D vector and edges are created to give shiny look. Then was setting background and placing lights and cameras and wow. The fascinating render was generated.

The render was sufficient but at that time another idea provoked in my mind. The logo should look like as if its lying on a newspaper. Then I chose newspaper of the first day of PSX, 12th January 2016, implanted some more news of PSX using Photoshop to give it realistic look.

Finally, the newspaper is placed beneath the logo and final render is astonishing. Check this out.

The .DWG and .MAX files are attached here. You can download and utilize as you with. Play with the creatives and enjoy.

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